5 Buzzfeed Headline Numbers That Will Change How You Write

Neal Caren - University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill web twitter scholar

After reading 11 Amazing Outfits Ronald Reagan Rocked today, I started to wonder about the distribution of numbers in Buzzfeed headlines. I wrote up a quick Python script to analyze which numbers were used most frequently based on the last 1,861 article headlines tweeted. The full code and results are below, but:

In [1]:
from __future__ import division
from collections import Counter

import twython 
In [2]:
#You can get your own from http://dev.twitter.com

In [3]:
#authenticate yourself
twitter = twython.Twython(consumer_key, consumer_secret, access_token, access_token_secret)
In [4]:
#get some tweets

headlines = []

last_id = 907718359241744384 # a random large number

#Grab the most recent tweets from the buzzfeed feed, ignoring retweets
for i in range(1,17):
    tweets = twitter.get_user_timeline(screen_name = 'buzzfeed', 
                                       include_rts ='False', 
                                       count = 200 , 
                                       max_id = last_id)
    headlines = headlines + [tweet['text'] for tweet in tweets]
    last_id =  tweets[-1]['id'] - 1
In [7]:
for headline in headlines[:15]:
    print headline
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In [8]:
#remove duplicate headlines
headlines = list(set(headlines))
print len(headlines),'headlines'

#turn the headlines into a list of words
headline_words = [headline.split() for headline in headlines]
headline_words = [word for headline in headline_words for word in headline]
print len(headline_words),'headline words'

#keep only the numbers in the headlines
numbers = [word for word in headline_words if word.isdigit()]
print len(numbers),'numbers used'

#look for whether the headline has any number
any_number = [headline for headline in headlines if len([h for h in headline.split() if h.isdigit()==True])>0] 
print '%02d%% any number' % (len(any_number)/len(headlines)*100)

#then look to see if the first word is a number
numbers_first = [headline for headline in headlines if headline.split()[0].isdigit()==True] 
print '%02d%% number first' % (len(numbers_first)/len(any_number)*100)

#see if it's an odd numbers
odd_numbers = [number for number in numbers if int(number) % 2 ==1 ]
print '%02d%% odd first' % (len(odd_numbers)/len(numbers)*100)

#get the frequency of the number
number_counter = Counter(numbers)
1840 headlines
19021 headline words
886 numbers used
46% any number
82% number first
64% odd first

In [9]:
#Print out the most common numbers
print ' No. Freq'
for number, count in number_counter.most_common()[:23]:
    print '%4d %4d' % (int(number), count)
 No. Freq
  23   54
  21   52
  19   48
  15   47
  17   45
2013   41
  27   36
  18   36
  25   31
  24   29
  33   27
  29   26
  13   26
  14   25
  31   25
  10   24
  20   23
  16   23
  26   22
  22   22
  11   21
  30   20
  35   17

In [10]:
#print out the headlines with the most common number
for headline in headlines:
    if '23' in headline.split():
        print headline
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In [11]:
#import tools for graphing
%matplotlib inline
import pandas as pd
In [12]:
#make a histogram for numbers smaller than 40
small_numbers = [int(number) for number in numbers if int(number) <= 40 ]
df = pd.DataFrame(small_numbers, columns =['Buzzfeed Headline Numbers'])
array([[<matplotlib.axes.AxesSubplot object at 0x10818f0d0>]], dtype=object)
In [14]:
#ignore code below. Imports style sheet for this page.

from IPython.core.display import HTML
def css_styling():
    styles = open("custom.css", "r").read()
    return HTML(styles)
In []: